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Is bareMinerals suitable for all skin types?

At bareMinerals, we only use the finest quality ingredients in our products to give you everything you want without anything your skin doesn't need. Our proprietary bareMinerals formula represents the ideal mix of makeup and skincare problem-solving cosmetics that perfect and pamper the complexion.

Are bareMinerals products suitable for all skin types?

Our products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin type.

I have dry skin, am I suitable to use powdery makeup without drying it further?

Yes. bareMinerals makeup is clinically proven to improve the appearance of your skin over time. The creamy minerals, made with only the purest, highest quality ingredients, diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles without drying out your skin. Its silky, soft texture looks like a powder, but works like a cream and buffs on beautifully.

Is powdery makeup difficult to use and manage?

No. Powdery makeup is as easy to manage as compact makeup. All you need is to master 3 easy steps "Swirl,Tap,Buff" and apply to foundation, concealer, eyecolor and blush. The result is flawless skin and long-lasting makeup that you won't need to retouch for the entire day.

Is powdery makeup messy to use?

No. All you need is only a very small amount of foundation, eyecolor or blush. Our brushes are uniquely designed, trimmed and shaped to grab hold of our mineral powders tightly to prevent dropping. Remember to use the right amount, all powder will go directly onto your face via the right brushes.

What exactly is the right amount for bareMinerals foundation application?

The amount is as same as the cocoa powder you use to sprinkle on your cappuccinos.

Do I need to press the powder hardly to achieve more coverage?

No. Gently buff the powder on your face in circular motions starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbones. Then, buff around your face, working your way to the cheeks, forehead, and nose.

Do I need to bring the entire set of brushes and powders for retouch during the day?

No. The idea of using bareMinierals is that it will last for the entire day. However, if you still wish to retouch, all you need to bring is our Buff and Go Brush. Grab your favorite foundation or Mineral Veil on the brush, close it tightly and use it as a slight retouch at anytime of the day.

I have marks and lines all over face, can powdery concealer give me enough coverage?

Yes. bareMinerals Well Rested SPF 20 Eye Brightener will diminish the appearance of morning drowsiness, dark shadows around the eyes or even the nose and lips. Our trusty Multi-Tasking Concealer works like magic, making undesirable details disappear and turning your skin invisible to the sun's harmful rays. Each creamy shade makes for a beautiful, soft shadow complement to your bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation, expertly covering imperfections. So your skin looks naturally flawless and stays healthy.

Is mineral makeup long-lasting?

Our vibrant and long-lasting colors can be mixed and matched for custom combinations and offer your choice of textures, from sheer to opaque. All-natural consistency makes them easy to apply and blend seamlessly. The results is flawless coverage and long-lasting results.

I have oily skin and want to look matte, will powdery makeup give me the desirable results?

Yes. Our Oil Control Prime Time Foundation Primer and Matte SPF 15 Foundation help to control oil production while our Mineral Veil will absorb oil. They will make your skin look radiant and feel velvety.